Giant Disk Cleaner

Giant Disk Cleaner 1.9

Rid your machine of unnecessary files


  • Built-in file backup
  • Secure deletion and shredder


  • Doesn't support Internet files
  • No scheduling facility


One of the downsides of modern computing is the sheer amount of junk that can accumulate on your PC. Giant Disk Cleaner is a goliath of a program designed to help you clean the crap from your computer and thus make it quicker to run and to search for files. The utility allows you to follow a series of simple procedures to clear obsolete files, duplicate files and broken shortcuts.

Perhaps one of the best things about Giant Disk Cleaner is the fact it prepares backups of the files you're deleting so you can restore them if you go on to discover that you actually need them. On the other hand it also boasts a secured file deletion system and an effective shredder to ensure that those files you don't want never bother you again. Although the program takes a while to run and lacks scheduling options it provides a water-tight way of clearing unused files.

While many files stored on your computer are essential for your system’s performance, others are unnecessary and take up valuable space on your hard drive. With Giant Disk Cleaner you easily and effectively delete useless files freeing hard drive space for other uses.

Unnecessary files on your computer hinder your system’s performance. Trying to run Windows with many obstacles is like trying to drive down a road full of potholes. Giant Disk Cleaner will safely and reliably remove worthless files from your hard drive and boost your system’s overall performance.

By removing unnecessary files Giant Disk Cleaner can significantly speed up searches on your hard drives. Simply put, if the files aren’t there they don’t need to be searched.

Giant Disk Cleaner


Giant Disk Cleaner 1.9

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